The following Pilz courses are available.
Pilz PSS 3006 DP
Pilz PSS 3006 DP Duration 3 to 4 days
Overview of PSS controller systems.
Configuring the system using PSSPG software.
Standard and Failsafe sections.
Structured Programmes.
Modular Block System software.
Fault finding and diagnostics including error reporting.
Topology of Profibus Networks.
Configuring and testing a Profibus DP network using ET200 slaves.
S7 and PSS controllers on Profibus.
Basic Diagnostics.
Configuring the SafetyBus p.
Fault finding.
Participants should be familiar with other PLCs - preferably Siemens S7 PLCs and Step 7 Simatic Manager.
The course should be extended by one further day if participants have not got a good basic knowledge of other PLC systems.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.