The following Omron courses are available.
CJ1 Basic
CJ1 Basic Duration 4 days
Introduction to PLC's
Basic description of the components of a PLC including PSU, CPU, digital I/O, analogue I/O.
PLC terminology
Description of bits, bytes, words, memory maps, I/O addressing.
Introduction to Omron PLCs
CJ1 PLC Systems
Basic system configuration including CPU rack, Local and Remote I/O expansion I/O units, Special I/O units, CPU Bus units.
Overview of communications networks.
Assembly and testing of PLC system including PSU, CPU, digital and analogue modules, and conveyor simulator.
CX-Programmer Software.
Configuring and using the CX-Programmer software package.
Creating a project.
Creating and downloading a hardware configuration and testing hardware.
Pre-programming information.
Memory areas.
I/O Allocation and Addressing.
CPU Operating modes.
Approaches to programming (working offline vs. working online).
Writing, modifying and testing programs using basic ladder logic.
Including Sequence Input and Output instructions.
Timers, counters, flip-flops, comparators and other function blocks. Introduction to Statement logic.
Overview of Multi-task programmes.
Symbols and Comments.
Programme upload and download
Force function.
Search, Cross Reference etc.
Using monitoring options to monitor and modify I/O tables and system.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.