Modicon (Schneider)
The following Modicon courses are available.
Modicon Introduction Course
Modicon Concept Software Course
Unity Pro
Citect Intoduction Course
Citect Intermediate Course
Magelis Course
Magelis XBT-G Vijeo Designer Course
Modicon 884
Modicon 984 Basic
Modicon 984 Advanced
Modicon PanelMate
Modicon Quantum Basic
Modicon Quantum Advanced
Modicon Modbus Plus
Modicon Basic PLC course with SoMachine
Proworx NXT to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx NXT Conversion Conversion
SoMachine basic
SoMachine upgrade
Quantum Basic Duration 5 days
Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
Switches and Contacts, Circuits, Software Programming.
PLC Hardware (Quantum)
Programmable Controllers.
Local I/O Remote I/O.
Distributed I/O.
Introduction to Modsoft.
Configuration: Preparing the Controller for a Programme.
The I/O Map.
Pre-Programming Information
Theory of Operation.
Network Logic, Segment Logic.
User Memory.
Logic Solve Sequence.
Programming using Modsoft
Coils and Contacts.
Timers and Counters.
Basic Math Functions.
NOBT, NCBT, etc.
Miscellaneous Functions
Load and Save.
Search and Trace.
Disable and Force.
Troubleshooting the PLC
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.
Quantum Advanced Duration 4 days
Move Functions
Including Block Moves.
Register to Table and Table to Register.
First In Instruction, First Out Instruction.
Block to Table, Table to Block Instructions.
Matrix Functions
Including Compare Instruction.
AND, OR, XOR, Complement Instructions.
Modify Bit, Bit Sense, Bit Rotate Instruction
Introduction to E-Math and PCFL Functions
STAT Function
Status Bits Available in Status Table.
DIO Health Bits (Quantum).
Course can be run using relevant software. Please note Concept is covered in a separate course.
Other PLC courses are available.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.