Modicon (Schneider)
The following Modicon courses are available.
Modicon Introduction Course
Modicon Concept Software Course
Unity Pro
Citect Intoduction Course
Citect Intermediate Course
Magelis Course
Magelis XBT-G Vijeo Designer Course
Modicon 884
Modicon 984 Basic
Modicon 984 Advanced
Modicon PanelMate
Modicon Quantum Basic
Modicon Quantum Advanced
Modicon Modbus Plus
Modicon Basic PLC course with SoMachine
Proworx NXT to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx NXT Conversion Conversion
SoMachine basic
SoMachine upgrade
Modicon Modbus Plus Duration 2 to 3 days
Introduction to Networking
Overview of Modbus Plus
Network topology
Token Bus
PLC's and other devices
Taps and splitters
Making up the cable
Testing the network
Node Addressing
Switch settings (984 and Quantum)
Programming the MSTR function
Writing application data
Reading application data
Writing global data
Reading global data
Get and Clear Local and Remote Statistics
Basic Diagnostics
Bridge Plus BP85
Switch settings
Transmitting data over the bridge
Bridge Multiplexer BM85
Configuring the Bridge Multiplexer
Communicating via the Bridge Multiplexer
Peer Cop
Modbus Plus and Quantum
Quantum Distributed I/O
Distributed I/O Health function block
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.