Modicon (Schneider)
The following Modicon courses are available.
Modicon Introduction Course
Modicon Concept Software Course
Unity Pro
Citect Intoduction Course
Citect Intermediate Course
Magelis Course
Magelis XBT-G Vijeo Designer Course
Modicon 884
Modicon 984 Basic
Modicon 984 Advanced
Modicon PanelMate
Modicon Quantum Basic
Modicon Quantum Advanced
Modicon Modbus Plus
Modicon Basic PLC course with SoMachine
Proworx NXT to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx NXT Conversion Conversion
SoMachine basic
SoMachine upgrade
Modicon Introduction Course Duration 3 days
Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
Programming Languages.
Relay Control.
Overview of a PLC System.
Program Scanning.
Pre-Programming Information
Theory of operation.
Network Format, Network Solve Order, Coil Placement in a Network, Segmentation.
Programming Contacts and Coils
Basic Programming Function.
Normally Open, Normally Closed, Transitional Contacts.
Coils (Standard), Latched or Memory-Retentive Coils.
AND, OR, XOR Circuits.
Timers & Counters
Construction of Timer Function, Timer Circuits.
Up Counter Construction and Programming.
Down Counter Construction and Programming.
Math Functions
Add, Sub, Mul and Div Functions
Overview of BLKM
Overview of Modbus Plus.
The course may be offered using 984 or Quantum PLCs and relevant software.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.
Modicon Unity Pro Course Duration 2* days
Unity Introduction
Unity Pro
Unity Pro Overview.
Security. Project settings.
PLC configuration.
Application Structure.
Function libraries.
Function Block Diagram.
Testing the Application.
Ladder Diagram.
Seqential Function Chart.
Structured Text.
Instruction list.
Derived Function Blocks.
Diagnostic & Debug.
Operator Screens.
PLC Overview
Premium & Atrium.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.
* If more detail on particular PLC hardware is required please add an extra day.
Modicon Basic PLC course with SoMachine Duration 5 days
Introduction to programmable Logic Controllers
Switches and Contacts, Circuits, Software Programming
PLC Hardware
Programmable Controllers .
Local I/O,
Remote I/O.
Getting started
Creating a project
Configuring the PLC
Data types and structures
Simple PLC programming
Ladder including Contacts, coils, timers, counters
Function Block Diagram including And blocks, Or blocks, Flip-Flops
Function libraries
Structured TextSimple Instruction List and SFC
Introduction to advanced features
Miscellaneous Functions
Load and Save
Search and Trace
Disable and Force
Troubleshooting the PLC
This course is intended for people with little or no previous PLC knowledge. If you have a basic knowledge of other PLC systems our 3 day SoMachine Basic course may be more suitable for you, and if you are familiar with Unity Pro we offer a condensed 2 day ‘Upgrade’ course.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.