Factory I/O
Real Games
FACTORY I/O is a real time automation sandbox where you can build and simulate industrial systems and use them with the most common automation technologies. This fully interactive simulation includes cutting edge physics, high quality graphics and sound, providing a realistic environment.  
factory I/O FACTORY I/O uses an innovative technology that allows an easy and quick creation of 3D industrial systems through a drag and drop approach. Any of the built systems can be controlled in real time by connecting FACTORY I/O to external technologies, both hardware and software.
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ITS PLC® Professional Edition - Interactive Training System for PLC
Real Games
Five virtual industrial simulation systems with virtual sensors and actuators mean that you can programme the PLC to control each virtual system as if it was a real system. Information is exchanged between the PLC and the virtual system by a data acquisition board (DAQ) with 32 I/O isolated channels and USB interface.  
How it works ITS PLC Professional Edition is an education and training tool for PLC programming which makes training easy and fun. Featuring 3D real-time graphics, sound and total interactivity, ITS PLC is the ideal package for you to use to maintain and improve your PLC programming and fault finding skills long after your last training course.
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