The following General courses are available.
Introduction to Pneumatics
Introduction to Hydraulics
Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics/Hydraulics
Basic Electrics and Electronics for Industry
Introduction to Pneumatics Duration 2 days
Compressed Air Production and Conditioning
Air Receivers.
Air Dryers.
Compressed Air Distribution & Airline Installation
Installation & Criteria.
Pipework & Fittings.
Service Units (FRL's):-
Pressure Regulators.
Actuators (Working Elements)
Cylinders:   Single Acting, Double Acting, Cushioning & Special Designs.
Air Motors.
Directional Control Valves
Design, Construction & Function of: 2/2 way, 3/2 way, 4/2 way, 5/2 way, 4/3 way, 5/3 way, 5/4 way
Means of Operation & Actuation
Manual   Push Button, Lever, Detent & Foot Pedal
Pneumatic   Pilot, Differential Pilot
Mechanical   Roller Lever, Idle Return Roller (One-way trip) & Spring
Electrical   Solenoid (direct), Solenoid (internal pilot) & Solenoid (external pilot)
Flow Control Valves
Restrictor, Throttle & Throttle Check (One-way Flow Control) Quick Exhaust
Pressure Control Valves
Pressure Relief, Two Pressure (AND) & Pressure Sequence
Non-Return Valves
Check & Shuttle (OR)
Graphical Symbols to I.S.O 1219-1 / B.S 2917.
Design of Basic Circuits.
Construction of Basic Circuits.
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.
Introduction to Hydraulics Duration 5 days
What is Hydraulics?
Application of Hydraulics
Characteristics of Hydraulics
Basic Principles of Hydraulics
Pascal's Law
Laminar Flow.
Hydraulics Pumps & Motors
Gear (Internal, External, Gerotor), Vane (Balanced & Unbalanced)
Piston (Axial & Radial), Fixed & Variable Displacement
Pressure Compensation]
Hydraulic Cylinders
Directional Control Valves
2/2 way, 3/2 way, 4/2 way, 4/3 way, Manual, Mechanical, Electrical Actuation.
Flow Control Valves
Throttle Valve/ Orifice Valve, Variable Throttle / Variable Orifice Valve
2-way Flow Control Valve Flow Dividers / Combiners.
Non Return Valves
Check Relief Valves, Sequence Valves & Counterbalance Valves
Unloading Valves & Pressure Reducing (Regulating) Valves
Bladder, Diaphragm & Piston.
Filtration & Contamination Control
Suction Line (Strainers), Pressure Line, Return Line, Off-line. Design of Basic Hydraulic Circuits
Construction of Basic Hydraulic Circuits
Commissioning of Controls
Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment & Circuits
Safe Methods of Working.
Introduction to Electro Pneumatics / Hydraulics Duration 4 days
Open Loop & Closed Loop Control Signals
Analogue, Digital & Binary.
Principles of Electrical Engineering
Voltage, Current, Types of Current & Effects & hazards Associated with Current.
Ohm's Law
Electrical, Electro-pneumatic & Electro-Hydraulic Components.
Signal Input Devices
Manual Push Button Toggle Lever,
Mechanical Limit Switch Electrical Reed (Proximity) Switch
Electronic Sensors (Inductive, Capacitive, Optical).
Signal Processing Devices
Relays, Contactors, Solenoids.
Directional Control Valves
2/2 way, 3/2 way, 4/2 way, 5/2 way, 4/3 way, 5/3 way
Solenoid/ Spring Solenoid/ Solenoid Pilot Control/ Manual Override
Electro-pneumatic & Electro-Hydraulic Converters
Pneumatic-Electric & Hydraulic-Electric Converters
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Symbols to I.S.O. 1219-1 . B.S.2917
Electric Circuit Symbols to I.S.O / D.I.N. / B.S.
Wiring Diagrams
DIN Format, Ladder Format.
Design of Circuit Diagrams
Basic Electro-pneumatic & Electro-Hydraulic Circuits
Control of Single Acting Cylinder Circuits, Control of Acting Cylinder Circuits Series Circuits (AND), Parallel Circuits (OR), Semi-Automatic Circuits
Latching Circuits, Timing Circuits.
Construction, Commissioning & Re-Commissioning of Circuits Practical Exercises & Applications Contamination of Hydraulic Fluids Contamination Control & Filtration & Hydraulic Circuits Safe Methods of Working
Dependent on requirements, this course can be offered using either Electro-Pneumatics or Electro-Hydraulics equipment.