The following General courses are available.
Introduction to Pneumatics
Introduction to Hydraulics
Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics/Hydraulics
Basic Electrics and Electronics for Industry
Basic Electrics and Electronics for Industry Duration 5 days
Current, Voltage, Power, D.C. / A.C.
Resistors in Series
Resistors in Parallel
Ohm's Law
Capacitors in Series.
Capacitors in Parallel.
Inductors in Series.
Inductors in Parallel.
Back EMF.
Basic Transistor Theory
The transistor as a switch.
The transistor as an amplifier.
Introduction to Integrated Circuits
Using a Meter
Simple Circuit Testing
IEC61131-C Duration 2 days
Definitions used in IEC61131-C
Hardware considerations
Rated values
Operating ranges
Overview of program structures
Text formats
Literal Integer, real, base2, base16, etc
Elementary data types, e.g. bool, int, dint, real, etc
Units of date and time, e.g. T#1s 1m 1ms
Single element variables, e.g. IW2, QW6
Arrays and structures
Initialisation. Warm, cold restarts
Execution control using enabling
Operations EN and ENO
Text languages
IL (Instruction List)
ST (Structured List)
Structure of ladder and FDB diagrams
Contacts, coils, power rails, execution control elements, jumps, evaluation, etc
Standard Function Blocks
Timers and timing diagrams, counters
Edge detection, bistables
Math functions, convert, compare, etc
Sequential function charts
Steps, transitions, conditions, actions, graphd eclarations, action qualifiers, action control.
Relevant practical exercises will be included in the course - using a variety of AS-I compatible equipment and components.  
TAll topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.